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TheStarfishface Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack - Props and Environments

TheStarfishface Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack - Props and Environments

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[NOTE: These brushes are ONLY compatible with Clip Studio Paint. Get CSP here!]

[Because of the way they are delivered, we will not be able to offer refunds on digital items. Please read the description carefully before purchasing!]

A collection of custom Clip Studio Paint brushes, for a variety of uses! Save time and add some sparkle to your works! This set includes 17 brushes:

  • 3 variations of Star's famous "coin brush"- A side view, an angled view, and a slightly staggered side view (useful for drawing coin piles!)
  • A custom grass brush with a slight hue/value jitter for creating a subtle grass texture. As seen in Castoff!
  • A lineart brush for drawing bookshelves! Fill out a whole shelf of books with just 1 stroke! 
  • 2 barbed wire brushes
  • 2 chain brushes
  • 2 brick brushes, as seen in Castoff!
  • 2 "fern" plant brushes
  • 1 faux script brush, for book interiors or handwriting
  • 1 sparkle brush commonly used in Star's works
  • 1 dot chain brush useful for jewelry or accents
  • 1 festival flag brush, as seen in Castoff!

What's the "New Brushes Only" option for? 

This brush pack contains 6 brushes that were previously released in another brush pack, "Brush Pack #1". If you have already purchased our old "Brush Pack #1", you can buy just the new additions to avoid paying for the brushes you already have!

The "New Brushes Only" set includes all brushes shown except the coin, bookshelf, grass, and sparkle brushes.


These brushes are ok for use in personal and professional works- but if you use them and love them, we'd appreciate you linking back to this page!

[Again: These brushes are only compatible with Clip Studio Paint. Don't have CSP? Use our link to download a free trial and try it yourself!]

[Need help importing your new brushes? Here's a tutorial on how to import them to Clip Studio!]


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jessica Forshay
Wonderful Stuff

They're a total lifesaver!

William R Cathey

TheStarfishface Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack - Props and Environments

Alex Hunter
Incredible brushes!

I tested these out and they are fantastic! this will save me alot of time with my backgrounds

Paulina Garay

Honestly life saviors!! Tysm!!

Lovely brushes! Time spared!

I bought these brushes and I am absolutely loving them! The coin brushes still have that 2D look unlike most coin brushes In the CSP assets store- which makes them absolutely lovely! And the faux writing and books brushes save me SO much time! The bricks make drawing houses WAY easier and also more fun! I am absolutely in love and I think they were worth their price! :)