"I live in the UK- how can I buy from your shop?"

Because of the new VAT laws, we are unable to ship to the UK through this website. However, because Etsy processes VAT for their users, UK residents can still purchase our items through our Etsy page! 

"How long will it take to ship my order?"

I always try to ship orders within 3-5 business days. Orders that include preorder items will ship once the preorder item is available- check the specific listings for details!

"Are your stickers waterproof/UV proof?"

My stickers are made from a water resistant vinyl material- they'll hold up pretty well against scratches and minor water damage, but aren't dishwasher safe! Also, they'll fade in direct sunlight, so I recommend them for indoor use only. 

"My order never arrived- what do I do?!"

If you order came with a tracking number, check the USPS website for details on tracking. If it did not come with tracking, contact me to request a replacement. (Please include your order #!)

Also, I cannot offer free replacements if you gave me the incorrect address, so please make sure the address you give is correct!

"When will ___ item be back in stock?"

I typically try to restock Sold Out items within 1 month of them selling out- so check back soon! I also post updates on sold-out items on my Twitter feed


"What do you use to make your art?"

I use a combination of Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop for all my illustrations! 

"What tablet do you use?"

I alternate between an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil, a Cintiq 13HD, and my Surface Book 2 depending on the situation!

"What materials do you use to make ____?"

I have a list of all the materials and tools I use for my shop here! (Make sure to read the comments- A few products aren't available on Amazon so I put in substitutions, and explain where to get the actual product in the comments!)

"Where do you get your charms/pins made?"

I use an overseas supplier to make my charms and pins! 

"Do you take commissions?"

Not usually- but sometimes I do! My commission details can be found here

"Do you sell your custom art brushes?"

YES!! Check them out here!

(*NOTE: These brushes ONLY work for CSP, and cannot be imported to other programs)

"Will you make a tutorial on how to do ___?"

Unfortunately I don't have enough time to make tutorials- but everything I know I learned from watching tutorials and searching "How to ___" on YouTube! I highly recommend starting there for tips!