TheStarfishface Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack - Effects and Sparkles

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[NOTE: These brushes are ONLY compatible with Clip Studio Paint. Get CSP here!]

A collection of custom Clip Studio Paint brushes, for a variety of uses! Save time and add some sparkle to your works! This set includes 26 brushes- some new, and some grandfathered in for free from old brush packs. The full set includes:

  • 2 sparkle brushes- one solid and one with an outer glow
  • 3 raindrop brushes with angle, length, and adjustment sliders
  • A ripple brush, perfect for rainy days
  • A water highlight brush for ocean and water scenes
  • A fire brush
  • A lightning brush
  • A rainbow stroke brush
  • 2 bokeh bubble brushes, one in single color and the other in dual color
  • An aurora brush
  • 2 prism radial brushes, for shining rainbow effects
  • 2 sunbeam brushes, one in rainbow and one in solid color
  • 2 neon brushes, one in single color and one in dual color
  • 4 bokeh sparkle brushes in different shapes (circles, hexagons, hearts, and stars)
  • A cute triangle sprinkle brush (AKA "The Dorito Brush")
  • A "glass fragments" brush
  • A color-changing confetti brush

These brushes are ok for use in personal and professional works- but if you use them and love them, we'd appreciate you linking back to this page!

[Again: These brushes are only compatible with Clip Studio Paint. Don't have CSP? Use our link to download a free trial and try it yourself!]

[Need help importing your new brushes? Here's a tutorial on how to import them to Clip Studio!]

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