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Sticker Misprint Mystery Pack

Sticker Misprint Mystery Pack

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Minor misprints = massive discounts!

Each grab bag contains 5 random stickers from my shop listings. These stickers are considered B-grade: They’re still great stickers, just with some little quirks that don’t meet my shop standards! (Uneven white borders, minor scratches in the finish, etc.)

The 5 stickers in each bag will all be unique, but if buying multiple packs you may get some duplicates!

Because of the nature of this product, refunds/exchanges are not available.

Recommended for indoor use only. If placed on dishware or bottles, please wash by hand. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Milo Menchinton
Wonderful quality!

I'm always a sucker for gacha, and I was pleasantly surprised with these! The quality on all of them is wonderful even though they're labelled as misprints. While I'm most happy about Dimitri, all of the stickers I received are an excellent addition to my collection! Additionally, I really appreciated the extra sticker of Vector, as I really love Castoff and it was a real treat to get two stickers from it, as well as the mini print and card. Can't wait to buy from this store again!

Sarah Tidwell
Amazing set!

I honestly couldn't even tell these were misprints, and I happened to get one sticker I've been wanting but decided not to get in this order (Claude from FE3H). I had to look up two characters, but they were stunning even with me not knowing who they were. Uploaded a video with my order @angeletarya on TikTok!