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Sticker Misprint Mystery Pack

Sticker Misprint Mystery Pack

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Minor misprints = massive discounts!

Each grab bag contains 5 random stickers from my shop listings. These stickers are considered B-grade: They’re still great stickers, just with some little quirks that don’t meet my shop standards! (Uneven white borders, minor scratches in the finish, etc.)

The 5 stickers in each bag will all be unique, but if buying multiple packs you may get some duplicates!

Because of the nature of this product, refunds/exchanges are not available.

Recommended for indoor use only. If placed on dishware or bottles, please wash by hand. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Star's art and material quality is, as always, amazing and these misprints are barely noticeable even when knowing what to look for. Love these!

So exciting!!

I'm so happy with the stickers I got! I got two CastOff stickers and 3 others that I didn't know, but now I need to research and find out what they are!! Thank you so much, it was so fun getting it and seeing what surprise I would get!! I definitely wanna try another one soon!

Fun to order

Was fun to see what stickers I would get. Very happy with the ones I got.

Somer Rowe
Fun Little Reward

Whenever I've accomplished a big task (but not champagne big) that I was dreading, I will get myself a packet of the mystery stickers. It's a really fun way to reward myself, ensure I get fun mail that week, and get a handful of good quality characters/designs. Bonus points if you get the same one as before, because then you can regift it to a friend and make their day :)

Milo Menchinton
Wonderful quality!

I'm always a sucker for gacha, and I was pleasantly surprised with these! The quality on all of them is wonderful even though they're labelled as misprints. While I'm most happy about Dimitri, all of the stickers I received are an excellent addition to my collection! Additionally, I really appreciated the extra sticker of Vector, as I really love Castoff and it was a real treat to get two stickers from it, as well as the mini print and card. Can't wait to buy from this store again!