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Sad D&D Society Stickers

Sad D&D Society Stickers

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“Ask me about my Tragic Backstory”

Does your wizard always roll Nat 1s? Did your fighter take an arrow to the family? Show your sadness off with these stickers, and maybe someone in a tavern will ask you about your tragic backstory!

These 3” stickers are printed on durable, glossy, waterproof vinyl, and are recommended for indoor use only (not safe for cars). If placed on dishware or bottles, please wash gently by hand.

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Customer Reviews

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Ezra Bean
Angry Compliments

How dare you, creating such a high quality sticker for such a reasonable price, the only reason this isn’t a 1 is because I love it so much. Same goes for every other sticker in your shop.

Miya Labadie
I adore this sticker, it's so silly and ex...

I adore this sticker, it's so silly and expressive. Very vibrant and great quality!