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FREE Podcast Pals Stickers [READ DESCRIPTION]

FREE Podcast Pals Stickers [READ DESCRIPTION]

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Freebie podcast stickers, ahoy!

I like making things for podcasts, but I don't like selling them- so I give them away for free! 

Get one 2" sticker of your choice with every $5 spent on my shop! NOTE: These stickers are ADD-ONS and are NOT SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. If you attempt to buy only these items with nothing else, your order will be cancelled.


Character options: 
-Taako (The Adventure Zone)
-Merle Highchurch (The Adventure Zone)
-Magnus Burnsides (The Adventure Zone)
-Lup (The Adventure Zone)

-Juno Steel (The Penumbra Podcast)
-Peter Nureyev (The Penumbra Podcast)

 -Archivist (The Magnus Archives)

[*NOTE: Unlike the other stickers on my shop, these are matte and NOT waterproof. Please be nice to them!!]

[More Adventure Zone]

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Morales

FREE Podcast Pals Stickers [READ DESCRIPTION]


I like the podcast stickers! I love The Magnus Archives, and I've been looking for more cool podcasts to listen to during long workdays. They're nice, I mostly use my stickers by hanging them up with sticky tack. They're not glossy which makes them perfect to be hung up on the brighter areas of my walls. 10/10, wish there were more! <3

cheri azrie

Very cool love them

Cindy Ye

FREE Stickers!! The Adventure Zone, The Magnus Archives, and The Penumbra Podcast [READ DESCRIPTION]