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How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics (2023 Edition)

How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics (2023 Edition)

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Learn everything you need to make the webcomic of your dreams!! 

Hello! My name is Star, and I'm an award-winning webcomic artist! I'm mostly known for my comic Castoff, but I've been making webcomics in some form for over a decade! And now, I want to teach YOU how to make your own webcomic! 

How to Webcomic is the culmination of everything I’ve learned from over 10 years making online comics, written out in a handy book format! It’s 200+ pages of information, with additional illustrations and diagrams to help readers navigate the visual language of comics. 

The 2023 edition of How to Webcomic is an updated and refreshed version of the original book, with ~70 pages of new content to help further your webcomic learning!

With this book I aim to teach you everything you need to know to jump into the wonderful world of online comics, to help you get your story out there and succeed online! Topics in the book include (but are not limited to):

  • Concepting
  • Writing and scripting
  • Drawing for comics
  • Paneling and visual pacing
  • Art programs
  • Building a website
  • Webcomic platforms
  • Self-promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • Monetization (Patreon, etc.)
  • Building a community
  • ...and more!

Are you ready to jump into the wild world of comic-making? Then this is the book for you!!


Book Specs: 


  • 6"x9" (US Trade size)
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Full color interior
  • Spot gloss on front cover


  • DRM-free PDF
  • 208 pages, same interior as physical
  • Clickable hyperlinks to relevant materials to easily further your learning!

Physical + E-book Bundle:

  • Save $6 by buying the bundle!
  • Includes both the physical and digital versions

B-Grade Physical Books:

  • Get $10 off by buying a lightly damaged, b-grade copy of How to Webcomic!
  • Damage types will vary, but may include:
    • Slight corner/cover bends
    • Spot gloss dents/dust/defects
    • Edge damage on cover or book sides

[For our UK/Germany buyers: The physical book will be available this fall on my Etsy store! Ebooks can still be purchased through this storefront.]

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Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Recommend/Worth to buy~ I love this overall!

I didn't write my review despite getting the E-book vers. I've waited until physical book and my other item came which they did today.
They just arrived day early than estimated date along with other items I ordered~ Will write review for those in a bit ovo)/

All I can say is if you're looking for how do webcomic, this you're type of book! Be it noob, medium, or professional- this may give you insight and advice you may not know!

I've been doing few webcomic around somewhere middle school to high school BUT they fell through since I was hella noob ;v;) I keep revamping so much and I got tired of it. I just moved on to my next project that spark. It's sad really. Worse is just my motivation doesn't help along with my indecisiveness and short-attention span. I've been wanting to commit to at least one of my many project but lack resource, motivation, and info despite watching countless videos on about on making webcomic. I tend to forget them later on or doesn't stick it to me for some reason.

So when I came across this, it was perfect! Bought this for myself as a gift. Read the e-book and this does goes into things I been looking for for so long. The guidance and advice I seriously needed~ I'm very happy I got the book vers. too when I don't feel like reading in my laptop/phone and I really prefer having physical book with me.

Thank you SO much for making this in-depth How make a Webcomic for all! Also thank you all you backer/supporter for making it happened too. I seriously needed this. And now time start reading this again, taking notes, get that motivation back in order, and organizing lots of things~ More importantly, time to make some webcomic ಥ_ಥ)و ♡


How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics (2023 Edition)

Caspian Pedersen
Clear And Informative!!

If you want to learn how to make webcomics then this is a great book to get! I have the E-book version and I absolutely love it!!

Joy Smith

I've been looking for a comprehensive guide on comics in book form and this was perfect. I took so many notes and even made my thumbnails with text. I plan on starting the drawing process tomorrow. Thank you StarFishFace!!

Odin Esty
Get This Book and Read It

Got this book and read it in two days- absolutely worth it for anyone remotely interested in making comics, or really any sort of story content online or elsewhere. Highly recommend.