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How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics [Ebook + Physical]

How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics [Ebook + Physical]

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As seen on Kickstarter: How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics will teach you everything you need to make the webcomic of your dreams!! 

Hello! My name is Star, and I'm an award-winning webcomic artist! I'm mostly known for my comic Castoff, but I've been making webcomics in some form for over a decade! And now, I want to teach YOU how to make your own webcomic! 

HtW is the culmination of everything I’ve learned from over 10 years making online comics, written out in a handy book format! It’s 140+ pages of information, with additional illustrations and diagrams to help readers navigate the visual language of comics. 

With this book I aim to teach you everything you need to know to jump into the wonderful world of online comics, to help you get your story out there and succeed online! Topics in the book include (but are not limited to):

  • Concepting
  • Writing and scripting
  • Drawing for comics
  • Paneling and visual pacing
  • Art programs
  • Building a website
  • Webcomic platforms
  • Self-promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • Monetization (Patreon, etc.)
  • Building a community
  • ...and more!

Are you ready to jump into the wild world of comic-making? Then this is the book for you!!


Book Specs: 


  • 6"x9" (US Trade size)
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Full color interior


  • DRM-free PDF
  • 144 pages, same interior as physical
  • Clickable hyperlinks to relevant materials to easily further your learning!

Physical + E-book Bundle:

  • Save $5 by buying the bundle!
  • Includes both the physical and digital versions
  • E-book will be sent out immediately, physical book will be shipped within a few days of ordering

[For our UK buyers: The physical book is now available on my Etsy shop! Ebooks can still be purchased through this storefront.]

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Byron Johnson

How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics [Ebook + Physical]

Sydney Tatum

How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics [Ebook + Physical]

Christy Aubin
Love The Book!

The "how to webcomic" book is a must buy. I'm very happy with my investment in it. First off, I love the quality of the book itself and the art. I received extra items of artwork and a sticker with the book and it boosted my mood for weeks seeing the beauitful art. Thank you. I have learned things that I didn't know I needed to learn and I am so thankful to all the information provided in this book. The experience and knowledge in this book is remarkable. I watch a lot of videos to learn and more, but some information in this book is nowhere else that I've seen in social media, it's definitely worth it. The only thing is I wish the receipt stated the difference in us to canadian currency because I ended up getting fees from my bank, but even so I'm not even mad because I love this book so much and of course it was not the fault of the seller. So if you are looking to buy this book I definitely recommend it. And if you are in a different country and the currency has to be converted to yours, just make sure you have extra in your account that you are using for your payment method. But overall, thank you for this amazing book.

Kate Sisko
Very helpful

Insightful and makes me excited to start^^

Jon Rippetoe
This is a great book!!!

This book is really informative and funny. It does not read like a slog. It truly takes the stress out of overthinking. I felt completely relaxed and confident while reading that I can do this project I’m working on. Thank you sooo much. Keep up the wonderful work.