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Castoff 3" Acrylic Standees

Castoff 3" Acrylic Standees

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Acrylic standees featuring the characters of the webcomic Castoff! Bring home your favorite Castoff characters to display in your home- on a shelf, on a desk, anywhere you like!

Each standee comes in 2 pieces- the standee featuring character art, and a base featuring the Castoff spell circle in each character's signature color- and stands at just over 3" tall when assembled. 

These standees are double-sided, with the same character art on both sides, and printed on thick, durable acrylic. The design is protected between two layers of acrylic, protecting the design from scratching or chipping. 

Does your standee appear foggy or scratched on arrival? The front and back of both pieces come covered with a clear, protective plastic film to prevent damage in transit. Gently peel the plastic off your standees, and they should appear flawless and new!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jared Sadwater

I absolutely love this little Arianna standee

Saachi Dhiman

Castoff 3" Acrylic Standees

Elizabeth Reid

It looks amazing

Andrew Phelps
My perfect boy

I feel as fufilled as one can be, my standee came in perfect condition and as brought me endless happiness. Frankie watches and judges me at all times. Perfect.

Robert Ohling
More Shelf Stuff

Both stands showed up intact and bubble wrapped. Now they're sitting on my shelf.
Judging me.